Agilely and Leanly open the password of Life



Leopard Gene is derived from the core spirit of Lihpao Life Science Corp. and has developed a unique corporate culture branding gene; and assists global employees in their professional fields to strive for excellence, unite and show brilliant together. Leopard Gene’s brand logo combines fast and agile animals with the complete image of exploring the code of life.

Agile and Lean action open the password of life

The spirit of fast, accurate, uncompromising and courageous forge ahead has established Leopard Gene’s perfection in all testing services and projects.

At the core of precision medicine, the uncompromising and courageous spirit of research for various diseases and their variations is the consistent entrepreneurial spirit. Adhering to the principle of seeing the disease as a relative and following the principle of providing touch to customers, we will look for the genetic mutations in the diseased cells of various diseases, especially cancer, and identify the specific genetic mutations that “can be treated” from the region, and do our best provide touching services and diagnosis and treatment suggestions for the general public.