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The goal

Promote genomic medicine and cross-field medical research, with cancer and infectious diseases as the main research axis, and propose new treatment and prevention measures and strategies; by integrating basic and clinical research, with the intention to further enhance Taiwan’s precision medicine research and further develop the core strength of detection.

LEOPARD GENE is committed to creating a more reassuring lifestyle and medical treatment plan for cancer patients. Therefore, it focuses on strengthening the medical quality and needs of each patient. It is related to molecular diagnosis, cancer mutation gene detection, cell therapy, and protein cancer drug development. Leopard Gene combines the abundant research experience in cancer pathology at Taipei Veterans General Hospital’s with key technological advancements, to jointly build an international-level cancer laboratory to carry out multiple oncogene screening, testing and research and development projects to benefit cancer patient.

Lihpao Medical Laboratory

Lihpao Laboratory was established in December 31, 2019, combining genetic technology to develop precision medical laboratories that comply with ISO15189 regulations and have successfully obtained TAF certification. It provides high-end medical laboratory services required by various medical institutions, and uses advanced molecular diagnostic technology to detect the precise genetic defect in time, find the correct target therapy for cancer diseases, and improve the recovery rate.

Yeezen Lihpao Genomic Laboratory

Yeezen Lihpao Genomic Laboratory is located in Yeezen Hospital and has obtained the “Laboratory Developed Tests and Services; LDTS” certification from the Food and Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health and Welfare. It uses precision medicine to bring patients the best treatment opportunities, improve research and development efficiency by providing vital genetic information, and accurate cancer genetic screening in order to increase the probability of successful medical outcomes. In terms of precision medical technology, it could start from R&D and testing and lead to innovative treatments.

Lihpao (Xiamen) Medical Laboratory

Lihpao Xiamen Medical Laboratory, the laboratory in Xiamen of Lihpao life science Corp, officially opened on March 25, 2017.

In November of the same year, it was selected by the Xiamen Development and Reform Commission as the “Xiamen City Genetic Testing Application Demonstration Center” and obtained the “Medical Testing Laboratory” license in May 2018. At the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic, Lihpao Xiamen Medical Laboratory worked hard and successfully obtained the qualification for new coronavirus antibody testing on August 18, 2020.